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                酒店常用英語口語900句大全 預定房間



                1.Do I need to pay a deposit.我需要付押金嗎?

                2.I'd like to book a suite.我想要預定一個套間。

                3.I'd prefer a quiet room.我想要一個安靜點的房間。

                4.I'd like a room with a view.我想要一個風景較好的房間。

                5.I'd like to book a single room.我想要預定一個單人間。

                6.I'd like to book a double room.我想要預定一個雙人間。

                7.I'd like to book a deluxe suite.我想要預定一個豪華套間。

                8.What kind of room would you like?您需要什么樣的房間?

                9.When will you stay in our hotel?您什么時候過來我們酒店?

                10.How long will you stay in our hotel?你要在我們酒店待多久?

                11.In whose name is the reservation made?是以誰的名義訂的房間?

                12.Would you like breakfast in our hotel?您要不要在飯店吃早餐?

                13.I'd like a room facing the sea/the mountains.我喜歡朝向大海/群山的房間。

                14.I would like to book a standard room for three days.我想預訂三天的標準間。

                15.We will be staying from tuesday for three nights.我們從星期二開始住三晚。

                16.The closest tourist destination is the beach.離這里最近的旅游景點是海灘。

                17.I'd like to make a reservation for a suite1 with both shower and bath.我想預訂一個既帶淋浴又帶浴缸的套房。

                18.Is it just for tonight?只住今晚嗎?

                19.How long will you be staying?您打算住多久?

                20.How long will you stay with us?您打算住多久?

                21.How much will that room be?那個房間的價格是?

                22.What attractions are nearby?附近有什么旅游景點?

                23.Do you have any vacancies now?請問目前有空房間嗎?

                24.Can I just come some other time?我不能換個時間過來嗎?

                25.I should look up some hotel rates.我應該查一下一些酒店的價格。

                26.I could look up some hotel rates.我可以查一下一些酒店的價格。

                27.Then do you have anything less expensive?那你們有其他便宜一點的嗎?

                28.I heard that your hotel is offering a discount now.我聽說你們酒店正在打折。

                29.From what date and how many nights will you be staying?要哪天的,您想住幾晚?

                30.I made a reservation there and I need to change it.我預訂過一個房間,現在我想換一個時間。

                31.Can you check to see if there are any vacancies tomorrow?你能幫我查明天是否有空房嗎?

                32.I'm sorry,but we're fully booked for single rooms.Would you like to have a double one?很抱歉,我們的單人間已經訂滿了,給您訂雙人間可以嗎?

                33.From which country?從哪個國家預訂的?

                34.Does it include breakfast?包括早餐嗎?

                35.I have found your booking.我找到了你的訂單。

                36.Does the price include breakfast?房價是否包括早餐?

                37.How about your hotels's location?請問貴酒店位于哪里?

                38.I'll check our reservation record.我來查一下我們的預訂記錄。

                39.The facilities at this hotel are great.這家旅館的設施很棒。

                40.We would like a room with a balcony.我們想要一個有陽臺的房間。

                41.Does your hotel offer pick-up service?請問貴酒店有接車服務嗎?

                42.I am sorry,no elite room is available.很抱歉,我們沒有商務客房了。

                43.What time do you expect to arrive,Sir?請問您大概什么時候到酒店,先生。

                44.I want to book a suite for my family and me.我想為我和我的家人訂一間套房。

                45.It's all right for the 18th,but not the 19th.18日的訂房沒問題,但19日恐怕不行。

                46.Can you check to see if there are any vacancies tomorrow?你能不能幫我查一查明天有沒有空房?

                47.I'm going to be arriving late,but please keep my reservation.我晚一點到,請保留預訂房間。

                48.It's through a third-party website.Sometimes,the bookings can get lost.你是通過第三方網站訂的。有時候,訂單會出問題。

                49.We wil hold your booking until 7:00 pm.without a guarantee.沒有任何擔保的情況下,我們會為您將房間保留到7點。

                50.We have a free breakfast buffet every morning from 6am-9am.Price is 150 dollars.我們每天從早上6點到9點有免費的早餐自助餐,房價150元。



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